05 May 2012

practice with Pentel Aquash brush pen

I sketched this from a photo in a magazine -- the young girl had such a winsome expression on her face, which I did not capture. The washes didn't work well on this Niddigan paper and I missed the gorgeous radiance of her skin, but I liked how the stone wall turned out.


  1. Well I think it looks great but I know what you mean about using the right paper. I am going thru that will my journal I am doing but I am going to keep on going with it till its done. That way it will all be alike...good or bad.. LOL

  2. I like finishing one before starting a new one too, whether I like the paper or not. Though I do have a WC Moleskine only partly filled . . . for when the regular journal won't fit in my bag. Or for grandkids to use when I get to paint with them.

    I only have one more 2-page spread to go, then on to one I bound with 140# WC paper.


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