26 May 2012

Mother's Day picnic

My posting the final sketches from our trip has been delayed by an inner ear infection with accompanying vertigo. But I was finally able to upload some today.

We spent Saturday in Austin, visiting Matt & Misty and grandson Quen. Quen and I painted together while Bill helped install a dishwasher. Then Matt cooked some delicious Cajun shrimp for an early mother's day dinner.

That evening, we drove on to Houston, to Kristen & Michael's, where I found a bowl of chocolate strawberries waiting . . . along with a flower pen Mikala made me out of duck tape!

After church on Sunday, we all met our other Houston kids, Jason & Carrie and Jeff, for a picnic. Lots of fun getting to watch our other 4 grandchildren having fun . . . . a relaxing time before the LONG drive home on Monday.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.. and the drawings show it was. Love the jump roping in the pink ruffled dress and the babies feet..:)

  2. Grandchildren-time is always fun, and I LOVE baby feet!


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