31 May 2012

EDiM #31 - something I'm afraid of

It's stupid, I know. . . . I am afraid of painting finished works. Even when I have my own "studio" set up with several pieces of furniture and tools that Bill has custom-built for me. Sketching in my sketchbook is "safe". It comes easy to me.

Committing to a painting that is to be framed is scary. Maybe because I don't get much encouragement from my family . . . . just one more thing for them to criticize.

Oddly enough, the devotional I read today seemed to fit -- so I included it on the journal spread. It quotes 1 Corinthians 16:9, then goes on to say in part:

". . . . When God opens the door, then go through it. If He does not open the door, then be satisfied to take another direction. But do not let fear trap you in total inactivity. . ."

BTW, rule # 1 in watercolor: learn when to leave it alone!!! I had a fabulous wash for the Formica top of the table easel mixed from cadmium scarlet and cerulean blue. Nice texture . . . except for one little spot. So I tried to fix it. And goobered it completely.
Lesson learned.


  1. It's beautiful. I love how you capture all the little moments and thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Carin. I just visited your blog -- what delightful photos, especially those darling children!

  3. Aaaaah! I understand totally how you feel Vicky, except I have this fear of the BIG! I also love the freedom of the sketchbook and have no problem with finishing paintings, but I just cannot seem to haul out my B-I-G sheet of Arches, it scares the daylights out of me! Just love your sketch of the little easel and the paint box, beautifully done!

  4. Big is also a scary thought! Even if I do paint frame-able art, it will probably be on a smaller scale. Less expensive to mount and takes up less space on a wall, making it easier to find a home. Sketchbooks are so comforting, always there to play and never judging us!

  5. Vicky,
    Every artist is different - I remember when I had painted for almost ten years I realized that I wasn't afraid of white paper anymore. I have worked on full sheet up to elephant sized watercolor paper. I find it easier to work on bigger paper.

    I do have a fear of journals though - Ha ha, you make it look sooo easy and I wish that I had no fear in that area.

  6. "Artist", your comment has made my day! How refreshing to see it from your perspective!
    Art journaling DOES come easy for me. But I think it's time to stretch myself. If I dare.

  7. I enjoyed this post and all the comments. I am enjoying my journaling because, as I have said before,I have always oil painted but wanted to try watercolors. So It is a safe mode for me to play around with Watercolor and ink, but my next journal book is going to be BETTER PAPER!! This 98 lb paper I am using is a royal pain, but I started it and I am going to finish that book. :) It is a lot more expensive, I think, to frame a Watercolor then an Oil Painting too.

  8. I hadn't really thought of the comparison, but I suppose it might be more expensive to frame watercolors, since they need the right glass protection and matting to keep the two separate. I've never tried oils since I tend to have negative reactions to chemicals.

    And yes, paper makes a huge difference! There are some great 90 lb. papers out there (like Fabriano Artistico) but the sizing (or lack of) also make a difference.

  9. I feel that your "journal pages" are beautiful enough to frame.


  10. Thank you, Delilah. I guess I'm too hard on myself.


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