07 April 2012

unresponsive Bearcat

Neither our cat or dog like it when I vacuum, both running for cover when it comes out. So I was very surprised when I was able to vacuum the whole bedroom without Bearcat even raising an ear.

He will be 10 years old this year; maybe he's just too old to care? Wish we could sleep that deeply.


  1. Your work is so good. I think this would be good in an ad for selling that vacuum. :)I wonder if he cant hear as well now. Our cat Isn't afraid at all.. but our dog is. Which is strange as she won't run from the lawn mower, weed whacker or a car, but turn on a vacuum and POOF she disappears. lol

  2. Several comments on my Flickr thought the same -- Bearcat is probably loosing some hearing. I had to laugh at your cat's choice of what to fear!

    When Bearcat was young, we had another Maine Coon named Dali. Bear was very curious about the vacuum and followed it around . . . . until he noticed that Dali would run away. So he grew up to follow suit, fearful just because she said so.

  3. wow. Your vacuum cleaner pops! i love the name of your cat. :) What's the story behind the name?

  4. I adopted Bear as a retired breeding cat --- the breeder wanted kittens with his gorgeous classic blue tabby coat but quickly found that his color is recessive ( the kittens were white). Because he has fathered 2 litters, his legal name remains the registered name of Magnum Force.

    I knew immediately that the name did not fit this 1 1/2 yr. old clownish lover! While watching a PBS show about grizzly bears, I saw a resemblance in the way they rolled around playfully with each other. I'm also a huge Tolkien fan --- leading me to call him Beorn Bearcat -- imagining him to be a changeling cat who takes on the characteristics of a bear. He's certainly big enough! (about 23 lbs. without being overweight)

    Fanciful thinking, I know, but it fit. One of our sons and his wife also went to Southwest Baptist University, where the mascot is a bearcat. Maybe that name stuck in my mind, though the animal is actually quite fierce.


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