30 April 2012

lazy cat and dog

Bill and I were watching a movie we had taped last week about a girl's reform school where some of the girls were firefighters. As one of the characters spent her spare time sketching, I began to sketch Ceilidh and Bearcat -- they seemed to be bored with the whole thing.

I really messed up on Bear's face -- doesn't look cat-like at all!

(That chair's arm protector seems to always be askew, so I just drew it that way.)


  1. Love how you left the arm chair protecter crooked. Hey that's reality..in our house too with a pillow or two on the floor with the help of red and white dog.. :)

  2. I knew if I got up to straighten it, I would disturb the animals. Then, after drawing it this way, I decided it was much better this way . . . . "reality" just as you said!


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