23 April 2012

maple and elm seeds

The Kansas wind never stops. Just last week, there were over 90 verified tornado sightings in one day. So why is my yard still littered with all these seeds?


  1. What a great sketch. We have some of these floating around at certain times of the year. I love watching them spiral down and around in the wind. Hope you are safe from those tornados. Scary things.

  2. Isn't it fun to "fly" these tiny whirlybirds?

    Tornadoes seem to dislike our toxic air (there's an oil refinery here). Like the huge one 21 years ago, a large wedge tornado was headed straight for us . . . then jumped north and east, skipping our town completely.

    Of course, that doesn't take into account the one that hit this town in the 1950s. Refineries have been here since the 1915 oil boom.


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