25 April 2012

an anniversary rose

Every home we purchased seemed to have a red rose shrub nearby. The first one was actually the neighbor's but it spilled over the fence into our yard. If we bought a place without a rose shrub, I added one to keep up the tradition.

Because our anniversary is in May, Bill (who never buys me flowers) would cut one newly opened rose to bring in to me each year. (BTW, this year we will be celebrating our 40th. So much for those who said it wouldn't last, that we were too young.)

This year the roses are overflowing a full month earlier than usual. This is the rose he brought me this week, plus an iris and some catmint.


  1. You are a clever Woman!! Plant your flowers in your yard and your Hubby CAN'T forget to bring you flowers. :)) We just celebrated our 45th this month. Happy Anniversary early. A lovely sketch keepsake.

  2. Actually it was his idea to plant the roses in our third home, since we already had them at our first and second!
    And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY back at ya! Hope your special day was wonderful. We are heading for a couple of days in San Antonio, staying right on the River Walk.

  3. Thanks. Sounds wonderful. We had to post pone our Celebration. I had Shingles of all things :(. But we will do something soon. Enjoy. Maybe some drawings will come out of that trip. :))

  4. Oh, sorry -- No fun at all! Hope you are better now.

  5. lovely! Happy almost anniversary!


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