16 March 2012

thieves and orcs at it again

At some point in the past history of this small apartment building, someone planted spring bulbs along the sidewalk. Being very old, some years they appear and some years not.

These very short tulips appear every year. And every year they are stolen. Last year we dug them up, moving them to a planting bed near the building. Except this one, which we missed.

It first opened yesterday . . . . and today I found it had been cut at ground level. Gone again.

Until I walked Ceilidh, at which time I found it a block away, thrown into a hedge shrub. So WHY? Why cut it down only to throw it away?


  1. Because they they weren't trained in manners I believe. We used to see a woman going around our Townhouse complex with sissors & a basket CUTTING flowers for her house. We kept our own yards so what gave her the right? I had many a set to over that. Kids used to shred my roses leaving them all over the place. We finally moved. Yea!! People are just rude. bummer too.. but you did a nice job of painting them.

  2. You are so right! I remember walking home from school in 7th grade and longing looking at a lady's row of iris in bloom. I wanted one so bad! But never would have actually cut one.

    I remember when we lived in Portland that roses were in EVERY yard and looked gorgeous! Ornery kids . . .

  3. I live in Portland, Oregon and in our neighborhood, raised and non-raised parking strip gardens abound! Everyone seems to be quite respectful of the gardens ... occasionally you will see someone pick a flower, a cherry tomato or even a cherry and saunter away on their daily stroll.

    One neighbor has a cherry tree on the corner and he lets people know they can help themselves to a walking snack ... the only time he ever complained was when someone driving by, stopped and whacked a cherry laden branch off then sped away.

    I guess we live in quite a nice little neighborhood!

  4. I always remember Portland with much fondness --- one of the best years we had while Bill was in the Navy! (The ship was dry-docked there) We arrived there just in time for the big rose festival and roses were EVERYwhere! We often took walks around the area, admiring the gardens. Great people too!

    I gave up herb gardening here because things kept getting stolen . . . plants out of my pots and even whole pots were disappearing. Our neighborhood is a bit "different". I like your generous neighbor sharing his cherries.


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