22 March 2012

abandoned water tower

This old water tower sits in an old farm yard a mile or so north of town, surrounded by dense undergrowth. At one time it supplied a private family with all their water needs.

I pass it on the way to the turnpike entrance (on the way to sketchcrawls in MO) and have often wanted to stop and sketch it. But there is no place to pull over on the busy highway, so this was painted from a photo.

for Kate's Strathmore class, week 2 lesson


  1. well done! When I watched Kate's video...I could have sworn she mess it up in the beginning. I thought the colors were too harsh on the front. I would have stopped there myself. But it was amazing to watch her and the painting came out great! Makes me wonder if I'm not taking enough chances, not going bold enough!

  2. LOL! I had the same thought when Kate added such strong colors! I tend to forget that watercolor dries lighter . . . and that Kate's stuff just "works"! I definitely need to be bolder, as well as more applying paint loosely without so much niggling the details.


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