19 March 2012

sketching in the country

We drove north on Saturday, to Bill's brother and sister-in-law's farm south of Manhattan, KS. While Bill was installing new kitchen cabinets he built for them, I sketched a few things in the gorgeous farmyard. It was an overcast day with a fierce wind (which dries paint out quickly!) but still beautiful.

I took my Scottie, Ceilidh, with us. While taking a break from sketching, she and I walked about the place, exploring.  It's a lovely place that has been in our sister-in-law's family through 3 generations. She and Bill's brother live in Manhattan but are renovating the charming old farmhouse.

She was helping some family and friends who were working cattle in the corral. Ceilidh was fascinated by the new calves . . . until they wouldn't stop bellowing. They did not like getting inoculations and she did not like their noise! She quickly took off running away from the ruckus. One of the horses was very interested in her, but I kept her away from the animals, not wanting her to spook any of them as they worked.

These sketches are some of my "homework" for Cathy 'Kate' Johnson's current workshop given by Strathmore. The workshops are free and will still be available online until this summer. I think those interested can still sign up HERE and catch up on the posted lessons.


  1. Oh these are lovely. You do some wonderful work. What is the paper you used here? 140 lb? I will check out that class. Thanks.

  2. These are in a Strathmore 9 x 12" Visual Journal, watercolor version, which has 140 lb. paper. This paper takes washes better than the multi-media version.


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