24 March 2012

more exercises from Strathmore class

I'm a week behind in doing the exercises from Cathy 'Kate' Johnson's free Strathmore class on watercolor sketching. These are exercises from week 3 on multi-media sketching. I painted the salt & pepper set first in watercolor alone, then added some ink for definition.

For the earthen pot of flowers, I pasted a piece of toned watercolor paper in my sketchbook. Sketching from a photo in a book, I first painted the pot and flowers, then after that dried, I added ink and a bit of white gouache.

Here, I sketched the same object in three different ways. First, using watercolor only. Then, pencil guidelines before watercolor. The last one was lightly sketched with pencil, details inked in, then watercolor. This is a knife our son brought back from Alaska. He takes a group of his students on missions trips every year the week before spring break. This year, they worked with the Boys and Girls club and helped set up for the Iditarod dog sled race.

There are still several more exercises from week 3 I'd like to try before moving on to week 4's lesson on collage. But the class site will be available until August so I'm in a hurry. Just trying to learn a few new tricks, or learn to be more confident in things I may have tried but not used enough.


  1. These watercolor sketches are just wonderful! I have one of those Alaskan knifes, a gift from a dear friend... Nice!

  2. Thanks! Maybe I'll eventually learn how to use it.


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