07 March 2012

Strathmore workshop, wk. 1

Beware of Kansas wind in March -- you never know what might blow by. No houses falling on wicked witches (yet), but this wee pink bag blew into our yard yesterday.

The 40 to 50 MPH wind gusts also blew in a bouncy ball for Ceilidh, which she gladly accepted. It was a small consolation for the wind's blowing over two trash cans and scaring her.

What few crocuses we had in the yard were torn apart by the wind too.


  1. You do these so well I feel like I could just pick up that bag. Poor Aubrey, but lucky Ceilidh..BTW how do you pronounce that? Bummer about the crocus. Our daffys were about to be blown to bits so my DH put some old windows around them and it protected them. I hate waiting so long for something to bloom only to have the weather ruin them before I can enjoy them. :) A great journal page here.

  2. Ceilidh is pronounced "KAY-lee" -- it's a Celtic word for a gathering of song, dance, and story-telling. Well-named! She actually "dances" and seems to think life is a party. She is a 1-year old Scottish terrier.

    Our daffodils are slowly showing their faces . . . and being roughly blown around. I don't get to enjoy our flowers long anyway --- living on a busy corner, they seem to disappear as soon as they open. Mostly children walking home from school, I think.

  3. What a delightful sketch/journal page. You have a nice way with words and the sketch is wonderful, too!


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