06 January 2012

urban sketch -- watercolor on Niddigan paper

After reading lots of comments here and on my blogs re: the Niddigan paper in my new journal, I found I could indeed paint on both sides without any bleed-through, and that watercolor works as well as gouache.

Yesterday was sunny with no wind (a rare thing in Kansas), so I sat out on the stoop in front of our porch, sketching what was in front of me. A rusty old vehicle. It was thought to be abandoned, but apparently someone still drives it once in a while.

Another challenge for the new year -- I've decided to go through an entire journal using only the palette(s) pictured on the first page(s). Haven't done that before (I'm a bit crazy). I'll try it with both this Niddigan journal and the WC Moleskine in my purse. Maybe become a bit more disciplined?

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