13 January 2012

waiting room sketching

Bill hurt his back a couple of weeks ago. After several visits to two different chiropractors, there was still no relief --- so our doctor sent him in for an MRI.

His MRI took exactly three sketches, painting included. I'd rather measure waiting time in sketches than time. I was half-way into drawing the receptionist's face when the phone call ended and she turned around to talk to co-workers the rest of the time, her back to me.

This two-page spread was not planned well. The waiting area was long and narrow, a bit awkward for finding a scene to sketch. Most seats were along one wall, making it hard to sketch other people. In the upper right was a wall-mounted TV --- seems to be required in all waiting rooms, usually turned to FOX news.

And of course, every waiting room is required by law to have a peace lily in it, right?


  1. Love these sketches. I feel like I was there. and I love the comments that go with them. They are so right on. lol Did you actually do the painting while there? How big is your paint set? I never have enough room to paint on a desk top. lol

  2. In the past, I only drew in pencil or ink while in public places like this, but now I also add paint when I have time. I keep a tiny palette, about 2 1/2 x 3", and a couple of waterbrushes in my purse. I also put a cut-off sock cuff on one wrist, a bit hidden under my long sleeve, that I can clean the waterbrushes off on between colors.

    I got a few comments and smiles when doing this a few weeks ago at my mom's eye doctor's. But this time no one even noticed; maybe they were all dealing with their own pain.


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