09 January 2012

a bit of scribbling

Sometimes I don't feel like planning what to sketch. Sometimes I draw whatever is in front of me at the moment.

Last summer, Bill did some remodel work at our daughter's home in Houston. After a long frustrating time working with Formica, Bill and son-in-law Michael took a break and went to visit a local brewery.

Both enjoyed the tour immensely; it seemed to refresh them to finish the work at home. Over Christmas, Michael brought Bill some ales from the brewery. I like the image on the bottle -- and the outline of Texas on every cap.

This was drawn in Noodler's red-black ink, with a touch of watercolor, on Niddigan paper. The ink is not really waterproof, but didn't bleed much at all.


  1. Vry nice. I could find it by this drawing. Very detailed.

  2. LOL! I thought I was scribbling more and doing less detail! I guess "detail" is my style and I can't escape from it.

  3. But that's what makes your work so much fun to come and see. The detail. :))


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