19 January 2012

late-night sketching . . .

. . . instead of reading, which I had planned to do. I recently found these two used books about Lilias Trotter, an amazing woman born in the 1800s who had a passion for reaching Muslims for Christ.

She was also a gifted artist, a talent recognized by art critic John Ruskin, who wanted to mentor her, believing she had the potential to become one of the world's greatest painters. But her love for the people of Northern Africa meant more to her than becoming a professional artist.

I first learned of her through a wonderful book, Blossom in the Desert, which contains many of her sketches. All the years working as a missionary, she never stopped sketching and painting her surroundings, filling journal after journal with illustrations along side her experiences.


  1. i love the words your share in your sketches... along with the watercolors

  2. Since high school long ago, I've learned that if I write something down, the movement of doing so makes me remember it better. So I include lots of words in my journals that have special meaning for me.

    I would dearly love my journals to someday be as lovely combination of word and illustration as Lilias Trotter's must be!


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