18 November 2011

random sketches & notes

Believe it or not, I actually went several days without sketching. But I did write a few notes down in my journal, leaving room for possibly adding sketches later.

While in Texas, Mikala introduced me to this new game --- and I won, even when her mom joined her against me! Now, winning a crossword game against an 8 year old might seem a walk-in-the-park to some, but this particular 8 year old is VERY smart and VERY competitive and beats everyone in nearly every game played with her.

Here are two more random sketches on pages of note-taking.
Click on any image to see larger.

 My friend, Ginger, is such a creative home decorator! Their artificial Christmas tree fell apart last year, so this year, she drug home large bits of a dead tree, propping them up in containers on her front porch and in one corner inside --- and added crab-apple cuttings and bows. For Christmas, she is going to hang her ornament collection on them instead.

The vase of sticks was added last night at Church of the Savior, while waiting for my drawing class to begin. It is part of a display of items made by the youth department, for sale to support missions. There were wee pottery ornaments hanging on the twigs.


  1. Enjoying your art work. I finally got started on a journal..That first page..I posted it and a link to your blog for helping me get started. Thanks. I hope to get better & loosen up as time goes by.

  2. Good for you, Cris! And a great beginning too!

  3. Thanks Vicky for the nice comment and advice. Much appreciated. I wanted a bigger journal book but this was all I could find in town for what I wanted it for and I was in to much a hurry to wait for an order. :) But I think I will see about getting something better down the line. I am having to much fun now. :))


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