30 November 2011

how I spent Thanksgiving day

Bill has now been "on-call" for 5 Thanksgiving days in a row. (It's just how the calendar schedule comes up on a 4-day rotation; his boss doesn't see any reason to change it.) When he is "on-call", he can't leave town in case someone needs propane (he's the service-tech, not a deliveryman, technically making him "on-call" 24/7 anyway --- too bad he isn't paid doctor's rates! He doesn't even get overtime if called out on holidays because it counts as fewer than 40 hours for the week).

Enough griping . . .

All of our family is out-of-town, so we make no plans on Thanksgiving day, knowing Bill will probably be called out at any moment. I've now developed a habit of watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show every year. This year Ceilidh watched with me. Really, she did! She actually stood up for a closer view like this at one point, though it was when the Great Dane was shown, not the Scottie.


  1. Oh, how cute! Our springer sits up in a chair with his front paw on the arm rest to watch tv. Sponge Bob is his favorite show. Sorry about your Thanksgivings. Sometimes it's nice to have a little quiet time to yourself though :-)

  2. Well that doesnt seem fair on your Husband. At least you have some sort of ritual to fall back on. Cute drawing of your Scotty. Don't they just amaze you sometimes? :)

  3. How that made me laugh, Ann! Sponge Bob???

    I thought I'd spend some time sketching but I didn't. It was nice to just do nothing but answer the phone as our kids called us.

    Cris, it is not fair to Bill or one of the drivers who has been on-call for Christmas the past three years in a row. Bill has also been on call most other holidays the past few years.

    But I hear rumors of the four of them are about to gang up on the manager at the next staff meeting. All of them want to go to a "share holidays" routine, which would include the manager taking a day himself!

  4. I like when Ceilidh makes appearances in your sketchbook! Makes me want a Scotty.

  5. Scottish terriers are a pure delight! At least after they get past this puppy stage. Man, can they be stubborn at listening . . . or NOT listening!

    But overall, they are a big dog in a small package, great with kids, not obnoxious barkers, and sturdy little companions. Our 1 1/2 year old grandson regularly wrestles with their Scottie, Maxwell, and he LOVES it!


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