26 November 2011

a new toy for a blustery day

OK, I admit it. They suckered me in. As I was waiting in line to pay for some purchases last week, I saw this wee snow globe. And HAD to buy it. Another impulse item . . .


  1. I love this drawing. I too would have had to have this snow globe and I dont have a scotty dog. :))

  2. I began collecting Scotties long before I owned a live one. They are just so cute! And the globe is real glass and wood, though it cost less than $4.

  3. We have a 7 yr. old scottie named Winston(Winnie Pooh).I just love all your scottie sketches. Where did you find that cute little scottie snow globe? Vicki-Up North

  4. Hi, Vicki! Great name! Distinguished, yet fun. I found the globe at World Market, a chain that used to go by the name of Cost Plus. They have a shop on-line, though I don't know if the Scottie globe is there.
    They also had a tin of Walker's shortbread shaped like a Scottie.


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