20 November 2011

Sketchcrawl, 19 November

It was a windy, blustery kind of day in Excelsior Springs, driving those of us meeting together for sketchcrawl inside Redmond's, a local furniture-antiques shop. The shop has two floors plus two balcony areas overlooking the first floor, all filled with interesting displays of furnishings and antiques. So much to sketch, so little time . . . .

This old stove caught my eye right away, looking so much like the one we had in the first house we bought. LOVE the design of these old appliances! This one still had a perfect cooking chart on the inside oven door.


  1. Oh these are lovely drawings. I love the stove too. What a fun place to go sketch. Do you have to have permission to sit and sketch in places you go? Do people come and check you out? Always love seeing what you are doing. :)

  2. When we first entered the shop, Kate introduced us and told the owner what we'd like to do, adding that we would be posting sketches on-line, including a mention of the store. She was very receptive to our presence, and we were very respectful of the spaces we were in.

    Shoppers of all ages peaked over our shoulders at what we were doing --- felt a little weird for me, but kind of nice too.


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