04 November 2011

my two Scotties

Maxwell was my Scottie until I took him on an extended stay to our son's home SW of Houston last year. Our granddaughter, Jayna, asked if he could stay and be her dog. Maxwell really wanted children in his life (children were the only people who gave him attention in the puppy mill he was rescued from) so it was easy to leave him.

My new Scottie, Ceilidh, has adjusted well to living in an apartment without children . . . . but she LOVES visiting Maxwell and running free in his backyard. It seems Maxwell has befriended the rottweiler on the other side of the privacy fence. He sticks his nose through the broken board in greeting.

After leaving Jason's, we headed for Kristen's home in NW Houston . . . . and a basset-beagle named Peaches.


  1. These are adorable drawings. I love the one looking like he is ready to roll. I recognize that from our dog doing it. Love your work.

  2. Maxwell was actually running in circles like a crazed Scot. Dogs can be so silly!

  3. Ah.. I can see that now.. I forget he is already low to the ground with those short legs.:)) Annie looks like that when she gets down to start to roll.

  4. Yep, very low to the ground! I've heard of Scotties being given the surname of "Low-Rider"!

    Sometimes I wonder at my choice of dog breed . . . my husband, whose last name is Scottish, has a long torso with shorter leg length. Then there's the Scottish tenacity . . .

  5. This is one of my favorite sketches ever!


  6. Thanks! There's just something appealing about dogs enjoying life, isn't there?


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