12 July 2011

Kate's new book finally arrived!

Just in time for our recent trip to Texas! I spent lots of time devouring each page of this fantastic book while away. What a treat to see the works of so many of my on-line friends, as well as the excellence of Cathy "Kate" Johnson's work. I feel honored to be included in such amazing company.
Continued posts from all the artists in this book can be found in the group blog Kate set up here.


  1. Vicky,
    Congratulations on being included in the book! I preordered a copy and have savored a few pages every morning with my coffee. I hate for it to end. I am an avid sketcher and feel inspired with each and every page. The book is a real treasure to the eyes, creative spirit...and heart.

  2. Thanks, Brenda! I am in some truly amazing company! This is definitely a book to be slowly savored.


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