26 July 2011

our recent trip to Texas

I've slowly been posting sketches from our trip to Texas the first part of July. Some sketches I did on sight; others I drew later from photographs. Click on any photo to see them enlarged.

First we drove to Austin to visit Matt & Misty and grandson Quentin. Extreme heat and drought made us seek somewhere cool --- like the history museum. But first we fed the turtles in a pond behind a downtown market.

I always love a good museum, but was awed by the entry of this one. I sketched part of the circular stair but glued a photo of the mosaic floor (or is it terrazzo?) in my journal. Beautiful!

Ceilidh had already met Maxwell, my former wheaten Scottie who now lives with Jason's family. Now she met 2 more family dogs: Sam in Austin and Peaches in Houston. Both played with her some, then quickly found her puppy energy too much for them. Maxwell seemed to think the same thing. Will she ever calm down?

Next we drove to NW Houston, where Bill took out a bar sink for Kristen & Michael and installed new Formica. Mikala and I found our own fun.

Then off to Richmond (SW of Houston) to Jason & Carrie's. A new baby is on the way -- Bill installed doors, turning an office into a bedroom, and replaced the back patio door for them.

Jeff is staying with them temporarily until he gets into on-campus housing. He'll start college after Christmas; for now he's looking for a job and gathering paperwork needed to establish residency and getting the GI bill to pay for school. And he's teaching Jayna and Josiah important stuff -- like how to shuffle cards.

Still more sketches to post later this week . . . .


  1. These pages are great! Full of memories already!

  2. Thanks, Shirley! They do make me smile when I glance through them.

  3. These pages are so great!

  4. Great travel journal! All the pages are so interesting!

  5. Thank you both, Cindi and Sasa! Finishing these travel sketches after I came home gave me a chance to relive the happy memories.

  6. What fun! I love the dogs (I've always been a sucker for them), but each and every one of them is just wonderful! nancy

  7. Thanks, Nanke --- dogs are such a fun part of our families, aren't they?


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