27 June 2011

perfect sketchbag?

Maybe. I'm forever trying various bags. Above is the other Baggallini bag I recently bought on eBay. Very light-weight, it easily holds my sketchbook and sketching supplies, a camera, and regular purse stuff for a trip to Texas this week.
a smaller Baggallini bag bought at the same time
In a Flickr conversation with a sketch pal in Australia, I posted the link to a photo of this bag that I had googled . . . and was amazed when seeing that link myself! I had purchased the bag knowing about the large main pocket and those front pockets. But I didn't realize that the front is a flap --- lift it up and there's a whole 'nother purse underneath with pockets for ID, credit card, and money! Who knew?
(Sometimes I am so clueless!)


  1. I saw your flickr post and now seeing this one too I have a serious case of bag envy! I am forever searching out the 'perfect' bag and have a large collection to prove it. I am going to look for one of these now! It does look perfect and your sketches are wonderful too!

  2. I am not alone in my bag envy. I buy purses based on the fact if they will hold my sketchbook and pens...not fashion. I am going to Tuscany for two weeks this summer and I must get another bag!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, Vicky--I was reading this and I realized I have the smaller Baggallini bag. I usually take it on bus trips etc. I have found it too small for much else, alas.
    Maybe I'll try and find the 10" x 8" one as well.
    My husband says "you can never have too many bags." He is being sarky, of course--but we know the truth, don't we?

  4. With some, it's all about buying shoes (I prefer to be barefoot). For me, it's having the right bag for my mood.

    I've always loved bags, since a grandmother often gave me a new one for Christmas each year. Thankfully I can now find used ones like this one for low prices.

    Brenda, I do as you do now . . . purses have to carry my sketching supplies; personal stuff is incidental. Those that don't work out end up given away.

  5. Sandra, the smaller bag is just right for me when I only want minimal supplies --- just a pencil & pen, waterbrush, Bijou watercolor set, and a paper towel. Sometimes I can also fit my journal in the center pocket, depending on what size I bind it. There's still room for ID, credit card, lip gloss, sunglasses and keys.


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