15 July 2011

"new" old palette for primaries

No sketching at church this week -- I only took a few notes . . . . . then later at home, I used my journal to try out colors to go into this palette. I quit using this palette long ago -- I just didn't like the tiny 1/2 pans in such a large box. But recently Cathy "Kate" Johnson posted how her husband, Joseph, modified it to hold full pans, seen here.
So I turned it into a primaries + convenience colors palette. Seems to work especially well, given all the extra mixing places (there's an additional mixing tray that slides out from below).

I was pretty sure which red and yellow to use (I may switch the transparent yellow to a cadmium yellow light when I get a chance to buy some). But blues baffled me. My favorite blue is ultramarine, but the greens are a bit too dull. Phthalo blue makes the best greens, but as a stand-alone color I find it a bit too strong & unnatural. So maybe Prussian blue is a good choice?

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