23 May 2011

Sketchcrawl in Rayville, MO

On Saturday, Bill, Ceilidh, and I drove to Missouri for a sketchcrawl with Kate, Joseph, and Keith at Van Till Farms winery & gardens, located in Rayville. The location is lovely, amidst rolling hills and pastures.
Inside the tented dining patio, we were surrounded by plants and and lovely stonework. Huge wood bees and jumping spiders entertained us as we sketched, along with a hummingbird that took a wrong turn, ending up under the tent roof. Not to mention Ceilidh spilling my paint water and trying to befriend a not-so-friendly cat.

The lamp in this sketch is way out of proportion to the trees and stone pedestal --- I was too busy taking everything else in.

A huge oven sits in the patio --- with this and some additional heaters, they can serve meals & wine outside year-round. We couldn't resist trying some of their specialty wood-fired pizza. I absolutely recommend the fire-roasted apple & bacon pizza!

As we left, I grabbed some freshly picked berries, some strawberry-rhubarb spread, and peanut butter cookies. The cookies did not wait around to be sketched . . .


  1. We used to drive to Rayville just for the cookies, then see who could make theirs last longest on the way home! One cookie each...amazing...

    LOVE your oven page, and how was strawberru rhubarb spread? I got peach, it was GOOD.

  2. Very yummy! I just sent you an email/gmail answer with Bill's cookie recipe -- thought the message might be too long to post here.


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