04 May 2011

I did a bit more growling last night . . .

. . . but I'll stop whining now.


  1. What a shame. We went thru this in CA when we lived there and I was ever so glad to move away. Its just heart breaking to put work into beauty and others think its their right to steal or ruin. We even had some woman walking around with her sisstor to pick flowers for herself. What???? But you did a lovely job of this wilted Iris. My neighbor here has them in her yard and I have photographed them wilted as they look pretty then too.

  2. I used to think it was just young kids walking home from the neighborhood school down the street --- but the tulips were stolen one-at-a-time, cut with a sharp instrument. Pre-planned.

    In 6th grade, I passed by some gorgeous iris on the way home and wanted to pick them --- I didn't have the nerve, knowing it was wrong to steal.


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