01 June 2011

teething puppy

Our vet, Dr. Beth, has been concerned about Ceilidh's teeth --- her lower left canine pointed inside her mouth instead of out, forming a slight indentation on the roof of her mouth.

Right after a regular vet check-up last Monday, this tooth fell out. Followed by at least one more baby tooth every day we were away on a trip to Arkansas to visit friends. Ceilidh's permanent teeth are coming in so fast, she appears to have grown a goofy grin overnight!

We came home over the weekend but other "catch-up" tasks have prevented me from finishing up some trip sketches. Hopefully I'll upload them soon.


  1. I love how you did this with the tooth in the white circle. You have a nice way of creating your pages!

  2. I meant to ask earlier.........do you paint first following with pen and ink or pen first and then paint?

  3. Hi, Susan! I learned the circle bit from Kate (Cathy Johnson). This on-line connection of artists / sketchers is great for picking up ideas!

    I always use ink first, using Noodler's polar black or Lexington gray usually, sometimes a Noodler's sepia (which isn't always waterproof). Depending on the paper, I may wait a bit to make sure it is dry.

    After adding the watercolor, sometimes I may re-instate a few ink lines if needed -- but rarely.

  4. Definitely the on-line connection of artists is fantastic!!!

    Thank you for sharing about your pen work. I'll have to try that where you use the pen/ink first.

    I DO love your work!


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