07 May 2011

random bits and pieces

I jotted down some bits while watching "Facing the Giants" one day. Then another day, scribbled what was in front of me while waiting for a hair trim.

Yesterday, I saw this amazing bird while buying pet food at the vet's (Dr. Beth's clinic is on the edge of town surrounded by prairie) -- he was about 14" long, the tail longer than the body! Later I looked him up -- he's a scissor-tailed flycatcher.
Next, I went to Ginger's for our weekly prayer time and say her cat lying like this on the porch, looking through the built-in drain holes towards the grass. It was too funny to pass up!

Pentel pocketbrush pen and watercolor


  1. Sometimes, it's the random bits and pieces that make a journal more worthwhile... and, I love "Facing the Giants" :) How is your husband faring these days?

  2. "Bits and pieces" seem to be a running theme in my journals!

    I laughed when I saw the email telling me of your comment here. This post is actually from 2011, over 2 years ago! I have been going through all my posts, reloading the pictures without the automatic link to Flickr. A tedious job but if I don't, the pictures will no longer be available when I delete my Flickr account.

    Anyway, as I worked with this photo, I temporarily lost connection --- when it came back, I found this post had jumped 2 years into the future! Easy to fix, but you must have read it in those moments while I 'sent it back'.

    Bill is still in quite a bit of pain, though he is able to keep working a full 8 hours now. Our spine doctor is in the midst of changing offices, so he sent Bill to an anesthesiologist for TWO injections. The guy decided not to follow our doctor's orders and only gave one shot. No more leg pain but the back pain is worse now.

    Our doctor will soon be settled in his new location and will be able to help Bill himself. Until then, we are trusting God --- maybe He will even give Bill a miracle healing!

  3. Oh, and as to Facing the Giants --- God recently really spoke to me through the lyrics of a song I had forgotten. Looked it up and found it was the theme from this movie!


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