03 May 2011

garden bits

I can't seem to stop trying to garden in spite of neighborhood thefts. This time I tucked herbs into the old rose bed instead of the pots that seem to "walk away", and replaced some border perennials that were lost -- echinacea, bee balm, and catmint.

The rose moss was added to south window boxes, where it can take the heat reflected off the brick. It even self-seeds. I did plant tomatoes in larger pots, adding marigolds for bug control, but there are bricks in the bottom to discourage easy theft.


  1. I like your sketch :) the way that it looked like it was a collage is very interesting .

  2. Thank you both, Mice_Aliling and Debra!

    There was no plan for this . . . I sketched the bits I pinched off plants as I planted them and it just sort of evolved throughout a two-day period.

  3. I love this. I try to get my drawings to look like this but it never pans out. How large is your sketch book? Do you live in a bad area to have this stealing of plants?

  4. Not a bad neighborhood . . . just lots of foot traffic on a very busy corner.

    After our 4 kids grew up, we sold the family home and bought a small 1920 apartment building as a project, basically gutted it and redoing the insides, combining 2 downstairs apts. into one large one for ourselves and renting the 2 upstairs apts.

    I have since come to think that people see it as rental property and don't know the owners live here. They treat it as public property, not private, helping themselves because they don't think renters will care.

    This sketchbook is about 6" square (I bound it myself) with hot press watercolor paper.

  5. You need to make up a nice looking sign to set them straight. Let them know they are stealing your hard work. something like Thank you for admiring my hard work in the garen. Please just look and not steal from me. What NERVE people have these days. Arrgh. It used to be mostly kids ruining mine but also some adults thinking it was their free bouquets. It drove me nuts. To bad you cant have a camera flash go off each time they pick something. .. Smile your one stealing camera. LOL I so understand what you feel.

  6. PS. just a side note ..now its deer eating my plants but at least they are just trying to eat. and I can spray Liquid Fence and they leave things alone for the most part.


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