26 April 2011

a couple of grandkids . . .

. . . sketched from photos since they live so far away.

Since I would like to learn to draw people better, maybe I should start with all the photos our kids send us. It seems much harder to capture a likeness of those we love, so the challenge would be good practice.

Quen loves wearing button-down shirts, REAL ties knotted loosely, and cool hats. Don't know where he gets it but he has very distinct ideas regarding fashion, but it certainly fits his love of musical instruments. Maybe he'll be a cool jazz musician someday.

Jayna has had long hair "forever" --- she was born with a full head of it. But she wanted to give it away to Locks of Love, like her mommy did last year. So Carrie cut it off for her --- just in time to start gymnastics! Probably much easier without hair in her face.


  1. Wow!! Such a beautiful drawing!!

  2. Thanks, Ophelia! I didn't really capture a true likeness of anyone (especially my gorgeous son, Matt) but I'll keep trying.

  3. Great drawings. How sweet that she being so young has learned to give so freely of herself.

  4. She's taking after her mom, who gave her nearly-waist-length hair away last year. Generous hearts, both of them.


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