11 October 2010

watercolor 101

I began going back to the basics this weekend, wanting to be more solid in watercolor techniques.

The first book I grabbed is an older book from 1979 by Alwyn Crawshaw . . . . it really touches on basics. I could handle the brush-control exercises fine, but over and over I tried to paint a smooth flat wash and still can't do it without streaks!

But as a good friend, Carol, pointed out . . . . how often do I really need a smooth wash in a painting?


  1. The streaks just give it character :-) Honestly, I like to see a painting that looks painted.

    Your watery rocks below are fantastic!

  2. I've decided to rebel against this exercise . . . character is always more interesting! Thanks, Ann!

  3. I found I get a smoother wash on a big sheet like yours if I tip it up just slightly and a hint I got off a video is to not let the paint puddle on the page run out. Keep adding more than you need till you get to the bottom where you can wick it off. I get much better washes with these two tips than I ever did before. But really, how often do you need a totally smooth wash? That could possibly get boring really fast.

  4. Hi, Freebird! Believe it or not, I actually DID a good flat wash yesterday when I wasn't trying so hard. I had the table easel in the photo slanted for all the tries; I just wasn't using enough water in the mix. Made me laugh!


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