03 October 2010

waiting for gouache

Though I don't plan on ever using another Moleskine sketchbook (unless it is reloaded with decent paper), this one still resides in my purse. Good for discreet sketching in public.

I added a half-pan of white gouache to this wee palette for this paper, plus a couple of other neutral colors. And a tiny bit of soap --- I learned from other Moleskine users that it helps paint "stick" to this paper.

That got me thinking . . . . wouldn't a bit of gouache be better, not only for yellow-toned paper like this (I someday want to bind a journal of Niddegan paper) but also for use on darker Mi-Teintes paper I'm adding to some sketchbooks?

When the tiny bits of paint in this palette are used up, I'll switch it to gouache. I'm currently bidding on some on eBay. No sense spending a huge amount of money in case I don't like working with opaque paint.


  1. Vicki, I used to have a pallet like this and it got lost...would you mind telling me where you got this one, please?
    I LOVE your work...it is so inspiring.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi, Libbi, and thanks!
    I bought this tiny palette empty from Wet Paint!, found at http://www.wetpaintart.com/ --- it was around $20, I think. A handy size to carry in any size purse!


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