16 October 2010

Bill's artistic work

Bill has been at it again. He just built me an early Christmas present --- a gorgeous red oak bed frame and night stands in the Mission style we love. Actually, I knew he was making it for the past month or two --- I wrote the bills for all that wood and stain! But his talents continue to amaze me.

Early this year, he built an Adirondack chair and footstool for us, as a trial run for one he built a co-worker.

That was so much fun, he built a porch swing to match.

And he still says he isn't artistic???


  1. Wow, that's some beautiful work! Would he prefer the term craftsman? :D You are very blessed to have him!

  2. Yes, he likes the term craftsman but it's STILL an artist! I tried to add a photo of the Morris chair and footstool he made while I was in Texas this past spring, but Blogger was acting up.

  3. That's a LOT of slats! My husband says no. more. chairs! (at least with slats!)
    Nice work!

  4. You're right, it is a lot! Bill says he kind of likes working with them.

  5. oh!!! SO lovely - both the furniture and what a special hubby you have. Maybe next time I pop by I will get to meet him!?!


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