11 September 2010

sketching a movie

As I began to watch Lord of the Rings last night, I decided to freeze the screen and do a sketch or two --- something I saw British artist and fellow sketcher Anita Davies do recently on her blog.

Until a storm came through, ending my movie watching for the evening.


  1. Hi Vicky...I do the "freeze frame" thing pretty often. If I get anxious to continue the movie, I take a photograph of the TV screen and draw from the photo.
    There are some beautiful, artsy movies out there, and I often find myself wanting to draw what I see.

  2. Hi, Leslie! It is a simple way to have a good composition, isn't it? The movie's art director has already done that for us. And since we are caught up in the story, we have an emotional attachment to "draw" on.

    As long as a storm doesn't steal the signal . . .


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