10 September 2010

artistic funk

At least that's what it seems like. Nothing I attempt to paint lately seems to work out. (Wicked itching from a bad reaction to insect bites might be one cause --- very distracting, to say the least.)

I wish I had had a chance for formal art education but I didn't. Sketching comes easy for me, but I would like to grow as an artist --- to be able to paint "real" paintings as well as ink & wash illustrations. I have tried several landscape studies from art workbooks, following along with step-by-step demos. But none were near anything I'd like to post.

Today's journal entry really is not related to the quote written on the opposite page --- that was simply a quote from a book I finished reading a few days ago. But it seems to fit today's entry in a strange bit of synchronicity.

1 comment:

  1. First of all, that's a great page!
    As for a formal art education, coming from someone who had that, I really don't think it's at all necessary. It does afford you a block of time to dedicate to learning, along with input from teachers and other students. But that can happen anywhere and in a variety of forms. In school, you can't really select your teachers like you can out here in the "real world". If you are choosing artists to study whose works speak to you in some way then you are half way there. I know that whenever I try to change a way of working or learn a new skill that it's like I forget everything I know for a while and produce some really awful work. Eventually I either break through to the essence of what I am trying to get at or I abandon the whole idea because it just doesn't fit me. Sorry to be so long winded here! I really just wanted to say,hang in there!


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