28 September 2010

Sept. sketchcrawl

We drove to Excelsior Springs, MO on Saturday to join others for a sketchcrawl with Cathy "Kate" Johnson (Bill enjoys getting out of town and reads instead). Arriving early, I sketched Olde English while waiting for others to arrive. This is the gallery that handles Kate's art.

I had barely sketched it in pencil when others began to arrive. We had planned on meeting at the museum, but found it locked. Thought we could move next door to the art gallery but it also was closed.

Planning to sketch Ray's Diner, we moved down the street and set up across the street. People asked if there was a parade coming, seeing us with our portable chairs lined up.

We had just barely sketched in the details (only John had actually moved on to watercolor) when it began to rain. The plan was to head to the Mercantile later for a bite to eat and time to share our sketches with each other. We just headed there a bit earlier than planned and continued sketching while waiting for our food.

Obstacles don't slow us down much; what a great group of friends, new and old, to get together with! Kate & Joseph, Christiana F. & her daughter Beth, John P. & his wife Wilma, Jeanette S., Bambi, Connie, Keith, Bill & me.

I added ink and watercolor later on at home. Good time to remember all the fun we had!


  1. It was, wasn't it? I think when I unbox my journals I will go through them and have a good nostalgic cry.


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