24 September 2010

final pages

Tomorrow I'm heading to Missouri for a sketchcrawl with friends. There were only a few pages left in this sketchbook, and I didn't wish to carry 2 books tomorrow. So I stayed up to finish this book's final pages.

First I tried to draw Beorn Bearcat sleeping on the ottoman before me. His paws were all tucked up underneath and he looked settled for the night. Of course, as soon as I started this sketch, he moved.

Then I was hungry . . . . so I sketched a late-night snack before eating it. Didn't add milk until I was finished drawing -- I hate soggy cereal!

Then I remember these incredible apples Bill brought home from work today. Someone brought them in from their own tree at home, but no one seemed to be taking any --- maybe because they are mostly covered with brown spots. But they taste WONDERFUL!


  1. Wonderful sketches! I especially like those apples.
    Vicky, I'd like to send you an email about an idea I have but I can't find your email addy. Would you mind sending it to me?
    ann (at) bluebirdhill (dot) com
    Thanks :-)


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