14 September 2010

recent shopping

I absolutely detest shopping! Even more so when it comes to clothing --- nothing ever seems to fit me. However, yesterday's shopping was actually good! Something my friend Ginger calls "anointed shopping"!

Receiving a 30% coupon in the mail for a Wichita shop, I went looking for walking shoes and maybe a long skirt. Ended up with shoes, a wrinkly shirt, a long skirt with matching sweater, and a corduroy jacket.

As the salesgirl began ringing it up, I pulled out the coupon --- she pointed out the fine print that says it's not good until the 15th . . . . but she gave me the 30% off anyway, not wanting to call the manager over to void the purchase!

Later at a bookstore, I found a copy of Gwen Diehn's "Real Life Journals" --- used up a birthday gift card on it. Fun book!

Sunday wasn't so bad either . . . . Bill and I checked out an antique mall in a nearby town, where I found a tiny gift for my mom (she collects Boyd's figurines). And found a $4 long skirt at Goodwill.

Had a good laugh after buying groceries Monday . . . . wild Canada geese were S L O W L Y crossing the drive, making drivers wait for them. Should have taken time to sketch them!


  1. Great finds and pages. I want to go shopping with you!

  2. Thanks, Ann! Believe me, this is VERY unusual for me to find such a deal! I wonder if it has anything to do with praying on the way to Wichita that the Lord would give me wisdom in the day's purchases?


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