15 February 2018

tea, either hot or iced

During my recent viral / respiratory thingy, I found that I could not drink a full mug of hot tea. Even though I regularly enjoy several cups of hot brewed tea daily, usually loose leaf teas — which are impossible to find locally so I order online.

Even though I knew I needed to drink lots of fluids, my throat hurt too much to swallow hot liquids (even chicken soup, but I forced it). I tried the old standby from childhood tonsillitis of ginger ale poured over orange sherbet but after a day or two that didn’t taste good. In fact, nothing tasted ‘right’.

So, even though I detest sweeteners in my tea, I tried brewing a combination of peach tea, lemon ginger tea, and a bit of stevia or real sugar, then poured it over LOTS of ice. Perfect! It tasted great and the ice killed the pain.

I am completely well now but am still enjoying my iced tea concoction once in a while, though with this unusually cold weather I’m also back to enjoying several cups of good old hot tea again.


  1. Glad you are well again. Peach tea is my favorite iced tea!

    1. I’m so thankful! This particular bug has been hitting several families at our church. And peach tea is definitely my new favorite for iced tea!


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