17 February 2018

like living in The Birds movie

Lately it has been sounding like we are living in Alfred Hitchcock’s scary movie, “The Birds”. All day long, they can be heard calling from the tree tops and filling up our neighborhood yards.

Last week, it was yards-full of black birds — and I’m talking total carpeting the grass with black! At one time, they were on three sides of our cabin at once.

For several weeks, we have had more than the usual number of very fat, very bright red cardinals (Love them!)

And the past few mornings, I’ve counted well over 30 robins congregating in our yard at one time.

By the way, that movie totally terrified me as a child. Imagine my surprise when I recently learned that the book was written by a favorite childhood author, Daphne Du Maurier!


  1. I haven't had that many birds at one time yet, but have had quite a few come to the feeder this last week. What I have been noticing a lot is the song of the peepers coming out. I just love listening to them and the birds!
    I remember watching that movie when I was young too. It was very scary or sure!

    1. We see large masses of various birds in the spring (which starts around mid-February here), I suppose as they journey north. The large numbers stay a week or two, then most of them move on. Our first year here, the cedar tree was literally covered with cedar wax wings!


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