28 February 2018

a new Bardie hidey-hole

On the peninsula separating our little kitchen from the main room, there are these odd cubbies near the front door. Too deep and narrow to be of much practical use, I found three narrow baskets at Hobby Lobby that fit — easy to toss my purse or sunglasses into.

Bardie just discovered the middle one when my purse was not put away. He seemed to think we could not see him as he spied on us. So I cleaned out the lowest one for his toys and blankie. I think he will still steal the middle one when my purse is not there.


  1. How cute! They love to hide in things!

  2. How cute! Funny how they claim their favorite spots! Our dog likes to hide under our bed. I can just see the tip of his nose as he watches us looking for him.....especially at bath time. : )

    1. I can just imagine him, hoping to avoid his bath!
      Bardie likes to hide under our bed when he knows I’m headed that way, and jump out at me, gently tickling my foot with his paw before running away. Other times, he waits in hiding to hug one of my legs in his front legs before dashing away. Who ever taught these animals the silly games they play with us?


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