03 February 2018

bills wait for no man

Actually, I am beginning to feel much better — I have decided that I will actually survive this stupid head & chest cold. Not that there was any doubt, but then I have never before felt like my face was screaming. This has been a very strange cold.

Still lacking in energy; yesterday I managed to reconcile charge receipts and pay some bills . . . and then I was done. The checkbook balancing can wait until tomorrow. Rather than go searching for something to draw, I just drew what was in front of me.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better today! I've your Bible verse! In Bible study, our group leader used Monet to illustrate...it is as if we are looking at a Monet painting up close. We just see dabs of paint but can't make out the whole picture. But God sees the whole painting and it is by far more beautiful than we can ever imagine.

    1. What a wonderful analogy! Especially as I remember seeing a Monet in person at the McNay art museum in San Antonio. I was there dong research for our little oil museum in El Dorado, KS — the McNay fortune came from the El Dorado oil strike.
      It also reminds me of a line of verse Corrie Ten Boom said of our lives being a tapestry: we only see the underside, full of tangled threads and knots, but God sees the finished masterpiece.


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