13 April 2017

silly wee kitties

I'm waiting to hear if I will get to adopt a certain red tabby kitten . . . As I wait, I've been reading up on the breed and drawing from photos found on line. These are Scottish Fold kittens, which pose in the silliest looking positions! There are long waiting lists for kittens with folded ears. Some of each litter are born without the dominant gene that causes the ears to fold; these are known as Scottish straights. That's what Bill and I are hoping for: a Scottish Fold with straight ears. Easier to find and usually costing less. And we think they are cuter than their folded siblings.

One of the breeders I have been in contact with has a 2 week old kitten that might be ours. Ears don't fold until the third or fourth week; if hers stay straight, I can have her. If they fold, she will go to someone on the long waiting list, and I will continue my search.


  1. Such cute kittens! I love your sketches! I hope this little one's ears stay straight!

  2. I hope so too! (Is it silly to pray for?)
    But I've talked with several breeders; if this is not the one the Lord has for us, we will eventually find the one who is.

    1. No I don't think it's silly. Several members of my family have had their prayers answered with pets that have been a blessing to them. God put animals here for our enjoyment. I am sure He has one picked out for you, in His timing...which will be perfect.

    2. I believe that! After all, He brought me our first Maine Coon (in a blizzard!) when I was allergic to cats I knew. Found out there ARE breeds I'm not allergic to!


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