24 April 2017

scribbled crosses

While listening to yesterday's sermon, I drew a Celtic cross with wedding rings. Then drew several more simplified versions.

This year our 45th wedding anniversary happens to fall on the same day of the week that we got married on. We plan to renew our wedding vows on that day, in a simple ceremony under our own oak trees with family and friends. A VERY simple "wear blue jeans & bring your own lawn chair" event. Bill loosely described to me what he'd like on the invitations, so I was trying to simplify the sketch enough to draw it on each invitation.


  1. Oh so lovely. This will be a very special event. I look forward to seeing more sketches and then photographs

  2. Oh, no! Must there be photos?!? Horrors!!

    Can you tell I'm camera-shy? Yes there will be sketches of some type, though probably before and after, many from photos, since I 'll be a bit busy during. I bought a white handbound book from Kate (Cathy Johnson) to record memories of the day in.

    Afterwards, a couple of days away on our own . . . and then we head northeast of Dallas to pick up my new kitten. He will probably show up in that sketchbook as well.


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