22 April 2017

an odd bug

Lately we have been overrun with bugs of various types. Because of Bill's spraying near our home to get rid of the flea problem, all other bugs soon end up dead as well. As soon as I sweep all the dead 'love bugs' off of the patio, it is covered again. (Driving home from College Station on Thursday, they were so thick that drivers had to pull off to wash windshields!)

But this interesting yellow bug was found resting on a window screen, having recently emerged from the shell on the right. I looked him up through Google -- he (or she?) is called a Guadalupe fly, Wiley's fly, or a yellow drake mayfly. Whatever his name, he was fun to draw . . . even though I ran off the page trying to draw his _two_ long tails!


  1. This small sketch is lovely, Vicky... Small things are rather interesting sometimes... I have never seen a bug coming out of its shell...

  2. I'd never seen any real bug quite like this one, though it resembles some fishing lures my grandfather had. (These bugs are apparently good bait for trout.) I was very surprised to see it as I looked up from washing dishes! Its tails were longer than its body but I ran out of paper.


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