10 April 2017

a destructive plague

Bearcat has been gone awhile . . . yet we are still battling fleas in our wee cabin. And he was an inside-only cat! Feral cats try to claim our land as their own territory, bringing lots of fleas which we then carry inside on shoes and clothing. Bill is hard at work treating the yard.

And I am extremely allergic to flea bites! So we continue to spray, vacuum, bomb, vacuum, spray . . . I am literally covered with inflamed sores that itch like crazy. Bill suggested that I find some Dead Sea salts to soak in after hearing on a news program that it helps clear up psoriasis. Not finding any at local stores, I ordered some on Amazon --- and it works! I also found some natural flea & mosquito repellent soap that seems to work as well. 


  1. Oh! So sorry you are being plagued! Hope you get things under control soon.

  2. The situation is much better now than it was three weeks ago; it just takes daily diligence to get on top of it! And the inflamed sores on my skin are drying up and healing, thank God (and thanks to Bill's idea of the salt soaking) -- God is good!

  3. We have indoor cats only, who at one point, had fleas. Totally confused me.
    The Dead Sea Salts work wonders. My husband soaked in a bath after running a marathon. It's wonderful for your muscles too! I love your journal page, I'm a scrap booker and love your documentation of daily life.

    1. It's crazy to battle fleas with an indoor-only cat!
      Good to know the salts help sore muscles as well! Thanks for letting me know.


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