30 July 2015

trip to the dentist

Yesterday I had a tooth extracted in preparation for a new bridge --- the dentist was correct when he said it would come out easily because it was loose; he failed to mention how deep those roots reached into my upper cheek!

Anyway, I drew this lead apron hanging within my view as a means to stay calm. It worked.


  1. Love this sketch and story! I just haven't had the guts to bring in the sketch gear to the dentist. Every time I go I think "boy this stuff would make a great sketch" but I don't have the nerve. You done good! Most of us can relate to your emotions of the non-typical dentistry work, too. It is an edgy experience.

  2. It helps that the assistant is a good friend who knows I sketch! And that there is usually a wait-time for the numbing to take effect.


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