11 July 2015

an old sketching folder, refitted

Years ago I sewed this denim sketch wrap following a design from a library book --- I think it was from one of Claudia Nice's books. I remember using it on my first sketch crawl with Cathy "Kate" Johnson who has since become one of my dearest friends.

This time I filled it with a landscape-shaped pad of watercolor paper plus a watercolor block off my shelf -- the pad is Arches, a paper I don't like, which is why it has stayed on my shelf so long. The block is Fabriano Artistico paper which I love. The palette is a flat-profile tin with half-pans of watercolor attached with rubber cement. I like the extra room for travel brushes. It fits in an outer pocket with Velcro closure; inner pockets hold a mechanical pencil, pens, and larger travel brushes.


  1. Terrific kit, Vicky! Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Yeah, I need to actually get out there, don't I? Experiencing low motivation lately --- wish I had a favorite sketching buddy or two!


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