10 July 2015

traveling through Missouri

During our recent stay with friends in Arkansas, we drove them to SE Kansas to look at a possible home to purchase. Along the way between Mansfield and Seymour we saw this Amish wagon. Last night I drew this while playing with a few watercolor pencils a friend at church gave me. There was no brown in the small set so I played around with mixing colors for the horse.

Our friends are both dealing with memory problems, one due to possible Alzheimer's and one from a series of "mini-strokes". We are trying to help their daughter in relocating these dearly loved but very stubborn people to living closer to her.


  1. Love, how you captured the Amish wagon, I have seen some films about them.... BTW, you have mixed the brown very well!

  2. I was actually surprised at how the brown turned out!


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